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Events & Celebrations - 2018  .  .

Durga Puja at Shella, 2018

Like every year, Durga Puja this year was celebrated from 16th October to 20th October, 2018 with usual pomp and grandeur. Cultural programmes on the nights of 17th, 18th and 19th October by our different feeder school-students was of the special attraction. Devotees, friends, well-wishers and students from the Sohra Region, Sohbar Region and Shella Region thronged on the holy Saptami, Asthami and Navami days in the puja pandal. Besides enjoying puja and its related rituals the friends, devotees, well wishers and students took prasad on those auspicious days in the puja pandals. With the emersion of the idol of Goddess Durga on Dashami the annual celebration of Durga Puja came to a colourful and joyful end.

Inter School Cultural Competition, 2018

03th. October, 2018

List of Prize winners:

1. Solo dance:

i. First Prize: Ms. Baiasuk Majaw, RKM HS School, Sohra

ii. Second Prize: Ms. Esther Satyameva Kynta, RKM HS School, Sohra

iii. Third Prize: Ms. Sharmila Sinha, RKM Sec. School, Bhollaganj

2. Group dance:

i. First Prize: Sanjana & Party, RKM Sec. School, Bhollaganj (4 participants)

ii. Second Prize: Idaiasuk & Party, RKM HS School, Sohra (5 participants)

iii. Third Prize: Yodaphika & Party, RKM Sec. School, Sohbar (14 participants)

3. Solo song:

i. First Prize: Ms. Mebalaaihun Sohkhlet, RKM LP School, Mawshamok

4. Group song:

i. First Prize: Larikordor & Group, RKM Sec. School, Mawmluh (14 participants)

ii. Second Prize: Libya & Group, RKM Sec. School, Laitryngew (14 participants)

iii. Third Prize: Wanshailang & Party, RKM UP School, Mawthang (9 participants)

5. Skit / Drama:

i. First Prize: Mikefrini & Party, RKM Sec. School, Sohbar (8 participants)

ii. Second Prize: Kamailang & Party, RKM Sec. School, Ladmawphlang (7 participants)

iii. Third Prize: Iangborlang & Party, RKM Sec. School, Nongwar (11 participants)

6. Phawar:

i. First Prize: Baniewkor & Group, RKM Sec. School, Laitdiengsai (9 participants)

ii. Second Prize: Damangjanai & Group, RKM Sec. School, Sohbar (4 participants)

iii. Third Prize: Gigi & Group, RKM LP School, Maraikaphon (8 participants)

Inter School Seminar on The Paper Of Hinduism

19th September, 2018

Winners in the Inter School Seminar:

1) English

1st Prize: Mr Shivam Yadav, St. Edmunds H.S School, Shillong

2nd Prize: Miss Megha Nongneng Daloi, JNV, Mawphlang

3rd Prize: Miss Baiasuklang Majaw, RKM HS School, Sohra

2) Khasi

1st Prize: Mr Laitbha Mawthoh, RKM Secondary School, Laitdiengsai

2nd Prize: Miss Anniefica Thabah, RKM HS School, Sohra

3rd Prize: Miss Balarihun Kharlukhi, RKM Secondary School, Mylliem

72nd Independence Day Celebration

(15th August, 2018)

RKM Ashrama Sohra celebrated the 72nd Independence Day of our Nation in its Ashrama premises at Sohra. 8 contingents consisting of RKM feeder schools and 4 NCC contingents and 1 school Band Party contingent participated in the Independence Day celebration.

Bah Donevan Kharwanlang, MDC Sohra Constituency was the chief guest on the occasion. Despite hoisting the National Flag, he delivered a very inspiring speech to the august gathering comprising of Monastic members, Teachers, Students, Non-teaching Staff and the general Public from the neighbourhood. He also gave away the prizes to the winners of mini-marathon and Drawing competition, and also to the Best March past Contingent, the Best Leader (Parade Commander) and Smt. M. Nongbri was adjudge as the Best Guide Teacher for her excellent training given to the RKM Laitryngew Contingent on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day Celebration (2018).

He inaugurated the Independence Day Wall Magazine, contributed by the Students of Higher Secondary Sections.

The winners of the Under 14 Boys Mini Marathon are:

1) 1st Balabiang Buhphang

2) 2nd Ksandor Lyngdoh

3) 3rd Kenin Hardine Rajee

The winners of the Under 14 Girls Mini Marathon are:

1) 1st Ibanylla Khongrymmai

2)2nd Deisi Diengdoh

3)3rd Ribakordor Nongkynrih

The winners of the Under 17 Boys Mini Marathon are:

1) 1st Fourteeen Marwein

2)2nd Misstarson Nongkhlaw

3)3rd Biskosing Dohling

The winners of the Under 17 Girls Mini Marathon are:

1) 1st Damutshisha Kharmon

2)2nd Pobitra Boro

3)3rd Sharailin Soh

The winners of the Drawing Competition are:

Category A [Classes I to III]

1) 1st Wanrishisha Dohling

2)2nd Mebansakhi Buhphang

3)3rd Batlariti Shullai

Category B [Classes IV to VI]

1) 1st Laishram Borish Singh

2)2nd Pynhunlang Khongkhlad

3)3rd Franky Chakma & Herites Singh

Category C [Classes VII to XII]

1) 1st Everstar Diengdoh

2)2nd Pynshngainkur Khongrymmai

3)3rd Wankerlang Khongwir & Phrangsngi Marpna

Orientation Programme on Science & Social Studies

Science Orientation: Orientation of Science Teachers of all feeder schools under RKM Ashrama Sohra was carried out on the 29th June, 2018 at Vivekananda Centenary Hall (RKM Ashrama Campus, Sohra). In all 47 teachers from L.P/U.P and secondary schools participated in the orientation programme, number of Secondary participated is 13 and LP/UP School participated is 17, 6 Science Teachers from Higher Secondary Section conducted the training clauses for the teachers of the feeder school.

Social Studies Orientation: Orientation of SST Teachers of all the feeder School was carried out on the 4th July, 2018 at Vivekananda Centenary Hall (RKM Ashrama Campus, Sohra). 24 RKM LP/ ME School and 7 Secondary Schools participated on the orientation programmed. A total of 42 teachers attended the training programmed. 7 SST teachers from Higher Secondary Section conducted the training clauses and updated the feeder school teachers with the latest technique of teaching and teaching materials.

Teachers' Meet - 2018

The Academic Session of the year 2018 for all the Ramakrishna Mission Schools started on the 5th February, 2018, with the Teachers’ Conference held in the Ashram premises at Sohra. Teachers of all Ramakrishna Mission Schools attended a day long programme.

Each teacher’s data base was updated during registration process. Thereafter a brief meeting was held in Vivekananda Centenary Auditorium where the Secretary Maharaj oriented them about the Academic Calender for the year 2018-19 session. A lunch break followed after which all teachers assembled in the campus of the RKM HS School for the orientation of the Assembly Protocol. Teachers were trained and instructed how to conduct the Assembly Drill, the reading of the pledges and the thought for the day, the singing of the school and nationalistic songs including the National Anthem. After this the teachers once again assembled in the auditorium where the Secretary Maharaj gave certain guidelines vis-à-vis the programmes to be presented by individual schools during Shivaratri Puja and the Public Celebrations of Sri Ramakrishna’s Birthday. The programme ended with the distribution of garments to teachers.

Shivaratri At Laittyr-a

The Shivaratri Puja was celebrated on the 14.02.2018 at Laittyr-a. Selected students of selected schools along with the teachers and some local devotees attended this puja. The participants gathered at the Mottrop at 8:45 am, from wherein the procession started to Mahadeva Temple.

Swami Paragananda, Students of Sohra, Sohbar, Shella, Wahlong & Local Devotees sang Songs such as Pagla Bhola Nache Bom Bom Bom, Dimiki Dimiki Dimi Nache Bholanath, Hor Hor Mahadev, Hor Hor Bom Bom to the beat of Khasi Drum). The RKM school, Sohbar lead the p[rocession followed by the Wahlong, Shella and the Hostel Boys from the Sohra School. All the students sang the Shivaratri Songs throughout the way to the temple.

At Mahadeva Temple, the puja started at 9:15 am. Swami Taranandaji Maharaj, Biswajit Chakraborty, Sukdev, Plaban, Ram, Uttam Maji, Srikanta took care of ritualistic worship. Thereafter the students performed the following cultural activities:

The Bhajan party consisted of:

1) Hostel Students Sohra, Sohbar LP/UP/SEC School Students & Shella Devotees (Dimiki Dimiki Dimiki Nache Bholanath)

2) Sw. Paragananda, P S Lyngdoh & Kong Gitabali (Khasi songs).

3) Swapan Bairagi, Kumar Bagchi, Puran Pant and others (Devotional songs).

4) Kong Anita & Local Devoties (Devotional songs)

Prasad was distributed to all and the campus cleaned by Sohbar School volunteers along with the staff from the Mission.

Public Celebration of Sri Ramakrishna’s Advent

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra celebrated 183rd birthday of Bhagwan Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa Deva in a very colourful way in its Ashrama premises at Sohra on 24th February, 2018.

Chief Guest on the auspicious occasion was His Excellency Sri Sri Ganga Prasadji, The Honourable Governor of Meghalaya, Other Dignitaries present were, SDO, Sohra Civil Sub Division; SDPO, Sohra Civil Sub Division; Rev Swami Sarvabhutanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong; Kong Biloris Lyndem, President, Managing Committee, RKM Ashrama, Sohra.

Main features of the celebration:

Tableaus prepared by different Secondary Schools displaying Khasi, Jaintia and Garo traditions and also displaying some teachings of Sri Ramakrishna in pictorial form were of special attraction.

Procession with the Chariot of Thakur Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Street Play groups depicting Sri Sri Thakur’s Life and Teaching through the Phawar (Khasi traditional songs) and also through other languages (like Bengali and Hindi) The procession moved around covering the neighbouring villages like Khliehshnong and Maraikaphon. About 5000 people participated in the procession.

A colourful cultural programme was held with the participation of the students from different feeder schools. A public meeting was held with The honourable Governor of Meghalaya, His Excellency Sri Sri Ganga Prasadji as the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest categorically spoke about the life and teaching of Sri Ramakrishna. He also cited examples from the life of Sri Ramakrishna, which should be followed to make our society a progressive one and also to keep the society away from certain social evils. Other dignitaries who spoke on the occasion were kong Biloris Lyndem, Rev Swami Sarvabhutanandaji Maharaj. The dignitaries were welcomed by Rev Swami Anuragananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra through his welcome Address.

About 6000 devotees, friends and well-wishers participated in the celebration and took Prasad.

Refreshers’ Courses for the LP, UP and Secondary Teachers in English and Mathematics

Refreshers’ Course cum Orientation Programme on Effective teaching of English Literature and Language was held on 13th March, 2018 at the Vivekananda Auditorium of Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra. About 27 teachers participated from UP, and Secondary Section of different Feeder Schools under Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra. The Refreshers’ Course was specifically designed to provide improved, updated and quality teaching to the students studying in all our schools (under RKM Ashrama, Sohra) in Meghalaya. In all 5(five) Resource persons from RKM, H/S Section, Sohra co-ordinated the entire 1st phase of Refreshers’ course at Sohra.

Refreshers’ Course cum Orientation Programme on Effective teaching of Mathematics was held on 28th March, 2018 (Wednesday) at the Vivekananda Auditorium of Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra. About 58 teachers participated from LP (24), UP (19), And Secondary Section (14) of different Feeder Schools under Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra. The Refreshers’ Course was specifically designed to provide improved, updated and quality teaching in Mathematics to the students studying in all our schools (under RKM Ashrama, Sohra) in Meghalaya. In all, 3 Resource persons in Mathematics for Secondary Sections and 3 Resource persons for LP and UP Sections co-ordinated the entire 1st phase of refreshers’ Course.



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