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 Charitable dispensary Along with rendering our best of services in the field of Education we are also trying our best to serve the poor and deprived tribal families in the field of health care through our Charitable Dispensary under the care of qualified physicians in Allopathic as well as Homoeopathic systems in addition to serving several villages through two Mobile units.

We also provide facilities for pathological tests, dental care and x-ray as and when required by patients.

Number of Beneficiaries during 2014-2015
Dispensary 3,442 5,081 6,813 15,336
Mobile Unit - I 558 762 3,051 4,371
Mobile Unit - II 661 891 2,866 4,418
Special Medical Camp 1106 1830 1,492 4,428
Source : Annual Report (2014-2015)

 World is in their hands LIBRARY AT SOHRA
Our Library at Sohra is unique in its service to students and teachers. Eagerness of students for books and journals has encouraged the management to expand the scope and capacity of the library. At present the Library is equipped with 18247 books, 14 journals, 12 newspapers in Khasi, English and Bengali. Total number of users during the academic year 2014-2015 was around 10,326.

 Learning Audio Visual Programmes are being conducted in different villages during dry seasons for the purpose of imparting the basic knowledge to villagers about their cultural heritage and the principle of unity in diversity in our large country India. Total number of persons attending these shows in different villages was 9888 apart from our students in various LP/UP Schools scattered over Meghalaya. Hostel students also get the opportunity to watch many Audio Visual programmes mostly on Sundays and other holidays.

 Technical Training

We are running the training programmes smoothly and systematically mostly with the help of Central assistance for more than four decades. Many unemployed tribal women are benefited by such training in Weaving, Tailoring and Knitting which served 27 trainees during 2014-2015.

 Computer training Unemployed tribal youths residing at and around Cherrapunjee who do not have the scope and capacity to avail computer education traveling all the way to Shillong get the opportunity readily available at our Computer Center which offers instructions in Page Maker, Corel Draw, Photo Shop, Instant Artist, Windows-XP, MS-Logo etc. under careful supervision of competent instructors. The Computer Center trained about 230 trainees in 2014-15 including school students.

We are maintaining one Tribal Culture Museum where tradition, culture and heritage of various tribal societies of several North-Eastern states have been displayed. In addition to promoting the spirit of communal harmony and fellow feeling among various clans of tribals the Museum is drawing large number of visitors every day from all over the country who are regularly taken to our Mission by conducted tour buses from Shillong by Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation and other travel agencies apart from many more visitors who prefer to come by themselves.

 The Show Room The Ashrama has a shrine where the portrait of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna is worshipped every day. Occasions like birth anniversaries of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda, Christmas Eve and Vishwakarma Puja are celebrated with usual devotion and grandeur. Tribal devotees, students and teachers from our 66 feeder schools join the Annual Birthday Celebration of Sri Ramakrishna every year in large numbers when a decorated chariot is taken out in the streets of Cherrapunjee in a colourful procession followed by distribution of midday Prasad, lectures, discourses, Khasi Dance, etc. to mark the event.

 The Temple  The Shrine


As a part of our humanitarian and philanthropic services to people, in 2014-15, we distributed 4631 woollen blankets and other relief material mong aged tribal men and women at and around Cherrapunjee even in far away distant villages located down in the gorges.

Moreover about 24694 children were supplied with skimmed milk and bread from two distribution points in 2014-15.

 Milk Distribution



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